+ S11/5 Leba Marina: Shoal reported

A shoal exists in the entrance to the marina in Leba Harbour. Until dredging works are completed, the max. permissible draught for vessels intending to enter or leave the marina is 2 meters at MSL.

All inbound and outbound vessels are recommended to contact the Harbour Office for latest information.


Stand: 07.06.2019

+ S6 NE of Pionerskij: LNG Terminal established

An offshore LNG terminal has been established about 3 miles NE of Gavardeskij lighthouse. A lightbeacon showing Fl(3)15s 15M is positioned on the northeastern corner of the breakwater in 54°59.080’N 020°22.100’E.


Stand: 08.05.2019

+ Entry prohibited times for Polish Military Practice Zones

Periods when firing danger areas are closed for navigation are pulished by the HOPN at least 3 days prior coming into force. Areas dangerous for navigation may be established in vicinity of the closed areas.

For further information see  Navigational Warnings  and HOPN Notice to Mariners or contact local Harbour Masters.

Entry prohibited times are transmitted in Navigational Warnings via Witowo Radio (VHF 24, 25 and 26 after announcement on VHF 16) or via NAVTEX.

If necessary, call VTS Zatoka Gdanska (VHF 71, 16) and VTS Swinoujscie-Szczecin (VHF 12, 16) for information.


Stand: 08.05.2019

+ S12 Gdynia: Security zones established

Security zones with a radius of 150m have been established north of the approach to Gdynia Marina.

1) 54°31.586’N 018°34.008’E (east of breakwater)

2) 54°31.202’N 018°33.828’E (east of breakwater)

3) 54°31.536’N 018°33.151’E (Basin II-Wendy)


Stand: 24.08.2018


+ S17/7 Engure: Shoaling

Caution: Extensive shoaling reported in the outer harbour of Engure with depths much less than 2m on central leading line (270°). Private marked entrance channel near to the southern breakwater.

Caution: Fish traps reported approx. 2 NM off the shoreline on both sides of the central leading line (270°).

Warning: Approach recommended by daylight only.


Stand: 11.06.2018